In Israel 1.700.000 people are living under the poverty line. About 22% of Israelis are forced to make a choice between food and other expenses such as rent, medicine, hot-water, electricity, heating, etc. As a result over 400.000 families suffer from nutritional insecurity, hunger, and among them are more than 700.000 children.  Therefore we serve at Hineni’s soup kitchen hunderds fresh meals a day and offer food packages on a regular basis.

Hineni offers use of our facilities free of charge for life cycle events such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, circumcisions, and especially during the Jewish holiday’s we provide extra aid and programs to help strengthen our people. The distribution of these meals and food packages are not our only objective however. We also use these meals as a way to interact with the needy and offer them counseling, sanitary facilities, education, referrals for health problems, various therapies and self-help support groups. The Hineni kitchen is also a great possibility to provide a working placement for troubleld youth. We achieve this in cooperation with social workers from the Jerusalem Municipality and other public services.

Foreign volunteers are more than welcome to assist us in the Hineni kitchen as well.